Don't underestimate other people

Name  : Ann Ward
Born   : April 21, 1991. Dallas, Texas
Height: 188m.
the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 15

who's never thought that ann would be the winner of ANTM Cycle 15. Ann said her high school life is full of drama, everyone in her high school always say that she's geek and like a monster because her height.

But when she in ANTM Cycle 15 other contestant never underestimated her. Because in the beginnig of episode, 
she won the best photo shoot for 5 weeks! until now Ann still humble and weak.  
when ann as a model in front of camera, she really different. when saw her photo, 
everyone would gonna be shocked. 

I really love ann, she always Inspired me xoxo

Ann's Portfolio

when you saw her photo, you never expected that she's the same person.

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