Truly sad day (SATURDAY)

Happy Sunday morning, I don't know how to start this. 

Truly sad day (saturday), why? I think last night is really sad day.
My kitty has died and I has some problem with someone, I don't know how to vent my emotions, just cry.. yeah just it. maybe you'll called me as fractious, maudlin or something but I don't really matter.

So today I found my another kitty has die too, I don't know what to do, I'm too tired to crying again.

Last night I'm going to sleep at 3.00am, I tried to wake up early to drying my kitty. I must do this every morning because kitty also need sunlight as human to keep it warm. when I wanna look at my kitty, it has been disappear, I ask my mom and my maid, she says it has die too. only one night my 2 kitty has been die, I really don't know how to explained this to my sister. I always trying the best as I can do to treat my kitty and another cats.

RIP kebo and his brother, I haven't given his a name.
Sorry and hope I'll find and have cute kitty like you again :'(

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