Lost Friendship

Tulisan ini gue sadur dari artikel mata kuliah B.Inggris II. dan kenapa gue post? because it's truly the reasons why friendship can be over, and you must read this! so, you can learn how to stand up your relationship with someone you love. 

One of life's pleasure is friendship. and one of life's sorrow is the loss of such a relationship. there are three common causes for lost friendship: betrayal, boredom and distance.

Betrayal (penghiyanatan), can take several forms. Lying, one from of betrayal causes friendship to crumble because it diminishes the trust and confidence upon which friendship is based. A more dramatic form of betrayal is stealing from, or cheating, a friend. The real hurt from such cases is not the loss of material goods, but the deception or violation of trust.

Just as betrayal can destroy friendship, so too can boredom (bosan). One can grow bored with a friend when common interests are no longer shared. Or boredom might trouble a friendship when attitudes or values held by one party or the other change. In addiction, over a period of time simple routine can lead to loss of enthusiasm for the relationship.

A third cause of the loss of friendship is distance. Unlike betrayal or boredom, the creation of distance between friends is often unavoidable since internal factors such as a change in job or school might cause one friend to relocate. Although some friendships can survive for long periods of time when the friends are physically separated, distance usually prevails and ends the relationship.

Betrayal, boredom and distance all can break down a friendship. While it is not possible to prevent these things from happening, being aware of such possibilities may soften the reaction you have if they do occur.

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