Quality time after the worst day ever

The last Friday is the worst day ever, my kitty was hit by my dad's car, and it caused a broken jaw on my kitty, I can't post the pic cause I'm too afraid to take a pic and post it here. But thanks god, my sister (veterinarian) put my kitty (imoy) to her clinic. after that accident I also felt guilty and sorry, hope Imoy get well soon ASAP!

And Last night is Saturday night, me and my boyfriend tried to calm our mind after that accident (FYI, Imoy also his too). we watch the exorcist, ya the exorcist as known as the best horror movie ever. This film is produced in 1973.

After watching the movie we move to another place, FYI we watch The Exorcist at Kedai Kopi and then we move to Bookshelf. I think Kedai Kopi and Bookshelf is very cozy place to hang out with someone you love, there's a lovely atmosphere here! Here some pic of me and my boyfriend.
Me and My BoyF

lil happiness from chef :'9

The atmosphere

And there's someone who had a death face here :3

P.S: Don't forget to pray for my kitty ya, Thanks! :'"
First, Kedai Kopi Medan. Jl. Akses UI No.34, Kelapa Dua - Depok. Price 5k - 15k/cup. There's no only coffee but also ice cream, milkshake and Tarik Tea, my Favorite!

Second, Bookshelf. Jl. Cinere Raya No.43, Depok. a small bookstore at 1st floor and cafe, movie & reading area at 2nd floor. Price 7k - 25k, for food and drink. Strawberry Cheese cake is my Favorite here  
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  1. pray for imoy :D
    imoy is the most powerful cat :)


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