Bad film. OH GOD WHY?!!

Hello, everyone! again, another review... but today I would make a review about Korean crime-thriller-drama movie, this movie based on true story, and because of that I want to share with you about this film. (I'll review it on the next post)
btw, before i started to review, maybe some of you will suprisingly amazed why i never make a review about  film that "being widely discussed", because did you know a good film isn't produceed from hollywood only and sometimes a good film, doesn't need a large-scale news, only a bad film will do that thing. why I mentioned this? because only a lilttle amount of good film on theater this month, and I hate when a bad film archive a huge viewers and big profits, for ex: Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn. not because I hate the actress or actor, but I hate the film, it suck! why watching movie secuel for a years and the main story only at final part? you can got it from TV Drama like 90210, Glee etc. checking IMDb (Internet Movie Database) to see Breaking Dawn part 2 rate, and I got this...

SEE?!!! Just 5.9?!
I know HP have a loooong story too, but as you know. HP already mentioned *you-know-who* (Voldemort) since Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone. and if you watch from begining until the last secuel you will know the twist of the story. *Ok, enough for grumbling na -_-*

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  1. Indeed! Twilight Saga: Breaking dawn is sucks!! I'm not trying to make any judgment but in my opinion a good movie comes from a really good plot although a fantastic twist to makes the audiences amazed. But this is not applied very well in Twilight saga.
    They (Executive producer & director) probably deserve a medal for wasting way to much money and time for this movie.
    And you deserve a medal for this post and screen shot from imdb! :D

    1. wohaaa! I really blessed to know you're who giving comment. at first, I thought it was Twillight saga fan commented to my blog *lol*

      agree! but, unfortunately not everyone think a good movie comes from a really good plot. masih banyak orang yang nonton film karena "latah" biar ga dibilang katro, although the movie suck! atau karena aktornya ganteng (alasan paling ga banget), pdhl akting sama plotnya ga bagus.

    2. Breaking dawn is sucks!!
      i like your comment :)

    3. thank you for a comment! gue tau knp komennya dikit krn postnya pake bhs inggris ya *lol*

    4. AND C : me? twilight saga fans? I'd rather jumped of from the cliff lol :D
      Ada vampir, ada manusia serigala, hadeeh mending nonton seri true blood aja deh hahahaha

      aulia akbar: you deserve my salute sir! ('o')7


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