Children aka A-i-Deul (아이들)

Children aka A-i-Deul is South Korean Crime-Thriller-Drama film (based on true story). The film is based on a true yet unsolved murder case from the early 1990s that is known among Koreans as the “disappearance of the frog children.” In 1991, five elementary school students told their parents that they were going to hang out on a nearby mountain to catch frogs. They never came back.

In the movie, a TV producer, the devastated parents of the missing children, a professor and a detective all take different stances on the case and in the end one of the parents becomes a primary suspect. In reality, the case morphed into a national scandal. I can't tell you more about this film, although I'll ruin your couriosty when watching this film. but I'll mentioned some clue, "there's no twist on this film, because it based on true story" although there's no twist, the film it self still have a great plot.
IMDb rate: 7.5/10
Me: 7/10

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