Tutorial: how to design blogspot layout (basic)

this my first blog tutorial, today I just want to shared how to design your blog with basic template from blogger.com. check this out!

because, I dont wanna ruin my blog, I make a new blogspot, just to show you how to design a blog from beginnig. don't forget to check the number on the picture and click for enlarge.

first step, click template and then choose costumize (This function allows you to customize the blog templates to fit the design of the site it is being used on)

as you can see on this picture you can edited your blog. and there's 5 button to costumize your blog. 

1. template, costume your template. there's so many free template from blogger.com like, simple template, dinamic etc.

2. background, you can change the picture for your blogspot background. choose picture you like and used it as your backgroud. you can upload your favorite image too if isn't any picture you like on there. but firstly you must remove template default image, before you change it.

3. adjust widhts, is used to adjust the width of your blogspot template, there are two settings here, the width setting for blog content and sidebar. usually I used 860px, for entire blog and 260px, for sidebar.

4. layout, is used to change the layout on blog template, and it has several layout templates, like right sidebar, left sidebar or both. just choose what kind of layout did you like. usually I used right sidebar as body template, because every post started from left. so, it's better not to put a widget on there. 

5. advanced, is used for more detailed template settings, such as changing the type text / font on the title, or in articles, change background color, etc.

after that, don't forget to click Apply to Blog -> Back to Blogger.

as you can see, the blog look has changed. and I make a little change on header. I made that image using PHOTOSHOP CS, I'll make a tutorial video soon, so wait and see ya! I hope this tutorial useful for you, Thanks for reading 

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  1. Wah benar-benar sangat membantu sekali untuk pemula seperti saya. Terimakasih banyak ya kak!


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