Happy belated Anniversary Blog!

Tampilan blog waktu baru belajar photoshop 
Last December, is my blog 1st Anniversary. I'm so happy and thankful with this blog, there's so many Great things came because of this blog. like I got a Mobile Phone from this event Streetdirectory, learn something new, like photoshop, HTML etc. 

Tampilan blog waktu baru belajar photoshop
I hope this year, my blog getting better, with more nice post, tutorial and less post with my daily life. And more viewers, I remebered when first time I made this blog the viewers only 1 or 2/ day sometimes 0 viewer . now, my pageviews can reach 150 viewers, right after I'm publish a new post.  

Honestly, when first time I made this blog, I don't even emagine, this blog would persist until now, didn't like my another old blog, after one month I always forgot the password . But now, I know Blogging is that FUN. 

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