• A young and talented drummer attending a prestigious music academy finds himself under the wing of the most respected professor at the school, one who does not hold back on abuse towards his students. The two form an odd relationship as the student wants to achieve greatness, and the professor pushes him. Written by andrewhodkinson

Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller), playing the drums at Shaffer Conservatory of Music, the music school in USA and he’s just an alternate drummer in his class. Then, He stop playing drums when the band conductor, Professor Terence Fletcher (J.K Simmons) appears at the door and asking him about his personal life, and why did he stop playing the drums. But, because Fletcher was looking for new drummer in his class, he asking him again to playing the drums. So, Andrew resumes playing drums. After finishes playing, Fletcher ask Andrew to show his rudiments by playing the drums again. While Andrew playing drums, Fletcher slams the door off.

The next day, Andrew enters one class aside from Fletcher. Every time he went to his class, he always tried to peeks in to Fletcher class, watching Fletcher band’s performance, but Fletcher know that Andrew peeks in to the class, and Fletcher looking back to him.

Meanwhile, in his class, Andrew is just an alternate drums player of Ryan Connelly (Austin Stowell), a core drummer. Shortly, the professor (Fletcher) arrives in Andrew’s class, and Andrew becomes horrified of him. Then, surprisingly Fletcher start conducts every saxophonist bassist one by one and finally the drums. After that, Fletcher tells Andrew to come to his class tomorrow at 6 in the morning. Then, Andrew’s training as drummer in Fletcher class started.

As you can see, Whiplash is a simple story about a young man who want to be one of the greatest drum player, and also want to impress his "killer" professor, Terence Fletcher. So, if you asking me, why Whiplash so special? because it can thrilling us, with just connection between Andrew and his "killer" professor. 

The film so intense, until i also feel scared of what Fletcher doing to Andrew. Whiplash not action movies, there's no superhero-thing like someone who tried to save world or psychopath-thing. but, the ways Fletcher push Andrew to became one of the greatest drum player, enough to frighten me, mentally. Another good points in this film is you will never get bored while watching it, because dynamic of the plot and it has a great music (Jazz), also, there's so many good point you can get from this film, RECOMMENDED! 

Whiplash won Best Achievement in Film Editing, Best Achievement in Sound Mixing, and J.K Simmons also won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role as Terence Fletcher in The 87th Academy Awards | 2015.

Score : 9.25/10

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  1. hmm, sepertinya kalau diliat dari sinopsis, film ini agak sedikit sama plot ceritanya sama film apa gitu...

    1. full metal jackets kah? krn katanya karakter fletcher mirip komandan di full metal jackets tapi ini versi musik - drama aja.

  2. Nonton film ini perasaan aku seperti dipermainkan mbak, memposisikan diri jadi andrew but it's good movie btw.


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