Shinjuku, Tokyo
For you who followed me on instagram, already know that i was in Japan last month. I stayed 2 weeks, sadly not for holiday, but business kinda-like. I came with my mom and dad, since my dad has some research there, they stay for a month. I also have to stay a month at first, but due to my uni schedule, i can't go more than 2 weeks.

Well, visit Japan is one of my dream. since i'm growing up watching anime & reading manga, it makes me love everything about this country from it's culture, food, anime, fashion, etc. I even take a painting and manga classes at elementary school.

Yasukuni Jinja Shrine, Chiyoda, Tokyo
If you a huge fans of Anime/Manga/J-Drama, everything looks so real like it comes out from tv or comic books. Well, visited Japan, makes me adore this country more, from it's culture, architecture, weather, fashion, people, food, etc. 

A tips for you who want to travel to Japan, but can't speak Japanese, don't worry, Japanese people are one of the warmest & friendliest people to the tourist! cause they will try so hard to explain the direction eventho they can't speak English (if you're lost or want to find a place). But, it will be better if you can speak Japanese little bit^^

And if you are going to travel there without travel agent, make sure you have planned everything before your departure. Here, my essential things to stroll around, especially in Tokyo...

1. Tokyo Handy Map, you can get this map in Information Center at Haneda & Narita Airport/ Hotel/ Any tourism place
2. Mobile Travel App, if reading map kinda hard, you can download one of this apps. Some of this apps also provide subway and bus map route, recommended place for tourist, basic information about Japanese culture, basic dictionary & common sign etc. Best part is, you can access this apps OFFLINE (make sure you download it before your departure). My 3 Favorite apps are, Navitime for Japan Travel, Japan Travel Guide by Triposo & Rail Map Lite.
3. Suica or Pasmo Card is must have item to strolling around! it's simplify you to use any Japan's public transportation, especially subway and JR East Line.

Subway map route
Suica and Pasmo card are like e-ticket or e-money card, you can use it to ride Tokyo's JR trains, private subway lines, airport bus limousine to Haneda / Narita Airport. you can also use it for tap-and-go payment at railway kiosks, convenience stores, buses, taxis and vending machines. There's no real differences between Pasmo and Suica except that Suica belongs to Japan's national train operator JR while Pasmo is offered supported by a number of private railway operators. You can get Suica and Pasmo in every subway stations, but buying Suica or Pasmo card can be difficult, you can check the tutorial here, how to get a Pasmo and how to get a Suica. for more information, visit travelling to Tokyo

Stay tuned for my Japan Trip post, Please look forward for it! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

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  1. japan, what a country.
    i love akb48! #mentallwota

  2. I thought you were going alone! I am one of your followers on Instagram :p
    Please keep writing about Japan, Ana! ^^

    1. Nope, but most of the time I'm strolling alone hehe. E, really? btw, Thanku for your comment♥ Sure, please looking forward for it ya! ^^

  3. Wah, beruntung banget bisa ke Jepang. Ditungguin post2 selanjutnya deh :)

    1. Ya, Alhamdulillah~ Thanku, wait for the next post ya ^^

  4. Lucky girl! XD
    I'll go to Korean, and Japan, sometimes. lol.

    1. Yes, I am. Alhamdulillah
      E, really? I also really want to go to Korea (If I have money), lol


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