Are you a foodie? if it's yes, i bet you already know Zomato, an online restaurant search and discovery service providing information on home delivery, dining-out, cafes and nightlife of India and 21 other countries (including Indonesia). and, July 10th is special day for Zomato, because it's Zomato 7th Anniversary! and lucky me i'm invited as food blogger who can attended Zomato Party at WYL'S Kitchen @ Veranda Hotel. 

Well, we can't separate Zomato and food. And if you're a foodie or food blogger this place will be like a real foodies party to you! They serve delicious food and a lot of dessert *sweet tooth* 

First impression came to Wyl's Kitchen i can say this place feel so homey, with ceramic and woody material for the architecture while for the furniture Wyl's using sofa and family dining table concept. They also have outdoor space with little infinity swimming pool, so it's perfect for you who want to make a candle light dinner.

They serve us a main course buffet, we can choose 3 different rice, nasi putih / nasi kebuli / nasi goreng iga, chicken satay, chicken cutlet and sayur kailan (sorry to say, because it's buffet i can't take any main course picture, i'm busy queuing hehe). Overall, my favorite is their nasi goreng iga the seasoning is perfect and not too spicy, for the chicken satay and chicken cutlet it's just so-so because the sauce in chicken satay not blended well, and the fat in the chicken cutlet skin makes it little bit greasy.

Soes & Easy Bite Cake 
As for the dessert they also serve it in buffet with various kind of dessert, like canape, macaroons, cake, pastry, pudding, creme brulee etc. i can say it's more than 10 types of desserts, so i can't taste it all. everything is so-so, but my favorite was strawberry cheesecake, chocolate pudding & chocolate peanut butter cake. as for the cream brulee, the sugar in the top of cream not crisp and not well caramelized. 

Cream Brulee
They also serve drinks in self refill services, there are 4 types of drinks mineral water, ice tea, ice lemon tea and wine cocktail. Maybe it just a ordinary drinks, but personally i like their ice tea, because i can taste cinnamon in there.
Wine Cocktail
So sorry i can't write a lot about the party itself, because i was late that day the traffic near the place is so bad! and it's also difficult for me to found the Wyl's Kitchen location . FYI, if you want to go to Wyl's Kitchen do not ever put Wyl's Kitchen as destination keyword on google maps / using direct maps from Zomato because it will guide you to Taman Puring market! better to put keyword "veranda hotel", since Wyl's Kitchen located in Veranda Hotel's lobby.

Once again, Happy 7th Anniversary Zomato! 

Wyl's Kitchen
Veranda Hotel @Pakubuwono
Jl. Kiyai Maja No.63
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Wyl's Kitchen - Veranda Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoPh: +6221 29704981

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  4. Semacam menyesal menolak ajakan kesini :( ngilerrrr...


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